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Greens Recycling Facility

Address: 70 Motivation Drive, Wangara
Opening Hours: 8.00am - 4.45pm weekends & public holidays.
Closed: Weekdays, Good Friday, Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Garden Waste

Tree loppings, garden prunings and lawn clippings can be brought to the City of Wanneroo’s Green Waste Recycling Facility, located at 70 Motivation Drive in Wangara.

The material is shredded and recycled into mulch, which is then available for sale by the trailer load. The mulch is also used on Council parks and reserves.

Garden Mulch

The City has a mountain of mulch for sale at the Greens Recycling Facility at a reduced cost of $28 for a 6x4 trailer (approximately one cubic metre). Bring your own trailer and take a load of mulch home for your garden this weekend!

Mulch can be applied as a top dressing in the garden to reduce water loss through evaporation, to suppress weeds, increase aesthetic value and to prevent soil erosion. Mulch also insulates plant roots from extreme temperatures and adds organic matter to the soil, which acts like a sponge to hold water. We can all help to reduce water consumption by mulching our gardens.

Free Mulch

The Greens Recycling Facility has a mountain of mulch to give away to City of Wanneroo and City of Joondalup ratepayers. Simply bring in your 2013/14 rates notice (1 load per notice) along with your 6x4 trailer or ute to receive your FREE cubic metre of black mulched greenwaste (not woodchips). 

No commercial loads.

Available from 1 March while stocks last.
8am - 4.45pm weekends and public holidays ONLY.

Fees for depositing clean greenwaste

Access to the site is free only with a 'Greens voucher'; four of which are included with the annual Rates notice. Each voucher allows the disposal of a standard 6x4 trailer-load of clean greens at no charge. Please note an entry fee will apply without a valid voucher.

  • $30 for a ute
  • $30 for a car and trailer up to 1/2 tonne
  • $18 cars only
  • Trucks $165 per tonne 


  • Clean greenwaste ONLY
  • No boxes or bags of waste
  • Any containers must be emptied and removed from the site
  • No sand bricks or turf
  • No processed timber, sleepers
  • Branches no longer that 1.5 mt
  • No large stumps, rule of thumb is stumps must be able to be lifted by 2 men to shoulder height
  • Loads will be inspected on entry and any contaminated loads will be refused entry
  • Please tender correct CASH payment, NO EPTOS facilities are available on the site

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