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Household Collection

ALL ENQUIRIES: 9405 5000 (Customer Service Line)

A weekly refuse collection service is provided to more than 36,000 properties within the City of Wanneroo. All residential properties are provided with a 240-litre rubbish cart, emptied weekly.

Household Rubbish Collection Days:

Alexander Heights Monday
Alkimos Wednesday
Ashby Friday
Banksia Grove Friday
Butler Tuesday
Carabooda Wednesday
Carramar Friday
Carramar - Rural Friday
Clarkson Wednesday
Darch Thursday
Eglinton Wednesday
Girrawheen Monday
Gnangara Thursday (from Thursday, 28 Nov 2013)
Hocking Thursday

Thursday (from Thursday, 28 Nov 2013)

Jindalee Tuesday
Koondoola Monday
Landsdale Thursday
Madeley Thursday
Marangaroo Monday

Thursday (from Thursday, 28 Nov 2013)

Merriwa Tuesday
Mindarie Wednesday
Neerabup Wednesday
Nowergup Wednesday
Pearsall Thursday
Pinjar Wednesday
Quinns Rocks Tuesday
Ridgewood Tuesday
Sinagra Friday
Tapping Friday
Two Rocks Wednesday
Wangara Wednesday
Wanneroo Friday
Woodvale (Wanneroo Rd) Wednesday
Yanchep Wednesday


Collections on Easter, Christmas & New Year

Domestic rubbish collection days remain the same for most public holidays, except for Good Friday, Christmas Day and New Years Day. During these public holidays, rubbish collections that occur on a weekday are delayed by one day. For example, if Christmas occurs on a Thursday, then Thursday collections occur on Friday, and Friday collections occur on Saturday.

Where any of these public holidays occurs on a Saturday or Sunday, there is no change to the normal collection schedule.

Where, when and how should I put my cart out for collection?

You should place your cart:

  • Out on the verge by 6:00 AM on your collection day
  • Adjacent to the kerb with the handles facing towards your house
  • Clear of obstruction such as overhanging trees, power poles and parked cars
  • With the lid completely closed

If you live in a narrow laneway or cul-de-sac that is not accessible to the City’s refuse trucks, please place your cart on the bin pad provided at the entry to the accessway.

My rubbish cart wasn't emptied. What should I do?

There are generally a few reasons why your cart might not be emptied as usual. Please check through this list first to see if any of these apply to your situation:

Checklist What to do
Was the cart out by 6:00 AM?

If YES, telephone to arrange to have the cart emptied.
If NO, there is a fee to have the cart emptied. If you need the cart emptied, telephone to arrange collection.

Was the lid completely closed?

If the lid was propped open by excess rubbish, the driver may have left your cart so that rubbish would not spill when emptying. Please remove the excess rubbish and telephone to arrange collection.
Was anything jammed in the cart (e.g. lawn clippings, cardboard, etc)?

If the rubbish in the cart is jammed, then it may not fall out when the cart is emptied. Loosen or remove the offending material, then telephone to arrange collection.

Was the cart too heavy to empty?

There is a 80 kg weight limit on the cart. The collection vehicles are equipped with lifting mechanisms that are designed to avoid damage to the vehicle and cart caused by lifting excessive weight.

If your cart is too heavy to be emptied, you need to remove the excess material and telephone to have the cart emptied.

Was there anything obstructing access to the cart?

The most common problem is vehicles parking in front of the cart. You may need to make arrangements with family members, neighbours or workmen in the area on collection day, or move the cart to an alternative location. Once the obstacle is moved, telephone to arrange collection.

The collection may have been delayed.

Collection times during the day may change due to operational constraints. Collections are normally completed by 3:30 PM.

What should I do if my cart is lost, stolen or damaged?

If your cart is missing, please have a good look around the immediate area. If you are unable to locate it, or if it is damaged, please telephone to arrange a replacement. There is no charge to repair or replace the cart, if the damage is due to vandalism or normal wear-and-tear.

What can I put in the rubbish cart?

Normal household and garden waste is acceptable. Please do not put material in the cart which might cause damage to the rubbish cart or collection vehicle, such as hot ashes, bricks, rubble, chemicals, paint, gas bottles, asbestos, or heavy engine parts.

Can I leave out extra rubbish?

No, any rubbish outside the cart (including bags and boxes) will not be collected. An additional rubbish cart can be obtained, if required (an additional annual fee applies for each extra rubbish cart).

How do I obtain a rubbish cart for my new house?

If you are building a new house and construction is nearing completion, it is time to start thinking about ordering a rubbish cart. For security reasons, a cart will not be delivered prior to the property being occupied.

A new cart will usually be delivered within one to three working days of ordering. Once you know the date of occupation, telephone to order the cart. Only the owner of the property or the authorised agent can order a new rubbish cart.

Can I obtain an additional rubbish cart?

If you feel that you consistently have more rubbish than will fit into one rubbish cart, it is possible to order for an additional cart. There is an additional annual fee for a second cart. Download an application form below, or alternatively telephone Waste Services to obtain an application form.

Additional Recycling Cart Application.pdf
Additional Domestic Service Application.pdf
Additional Domestic and Recycling Cart Application.pdf

I'm having difficulty putting my rubbish cart out for emptying. Can you help me?

If you are experiencing physical difficulty placing your cart out for collection, the City can arrange for a special service. The driver can bring the cart out to the verge for emptying for you. To arrange a service of this type, please telephone Waste Services.

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