Narrative Threads Exhibition

Narrative Threads Exhibition

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Narrative Threads explores place, history and identity. The artists involved are all women with an interest in history and place and how these relate to their own identity.

The exhibition features artwork by Wendy Lugg, who has lived a lifetime in Western Australia, and invited artists Helena Bogucki, Trish Little, Elisa Markes-Young and Janie Matthews, who were all born elsewhere.

They come together to exhibit textiles, jewellery, installation and photography, alongside artefacts, tools and samples that give insight into their inspiration, ideas and processes. 

The themes being explored by the artists closely align with the history of Wanneroo, which has strong elements of migration, maintaining cultural and domestic traditions, adjusting to new landscapes and creatively using and repurposing available resources. 

Opening hours

Monday – Saturday // 10am – 4pm
Closed Sundays and Public Holidays.

July 2018

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