Advocacy - Reserves

There is currently no active Regional Open Space in the Wanneroo Coastal Suburbs area (Tamala Park to Two Rocks). Presently 68,200 people live in this area, increasing to 102,000 over the next 7 years (by 2021) with 357,000 people ultimately residing there.

Demand for active open space in the area is already extremely high; all local and district level active open space is being utilised at rates over maximum capacity – year round. Families moving into the area are being forced to travel significant distances to participate in active sports and recreation, which is both unsustainable and contrary to State Government provision standards and healthy and active lifestyle initiatives. Without State Government commitment, the City is unable to plan for the development of its regional facilities.

The City focus is on Alkimos Regional Open Space, Butler North District Open Space and Kingsway Regional Sports Facility.