Advocacy - Region

The City of Wanneroo’s population is growing rapidly and a key challenge is to ensure strong economic growth also occurs in the North-West Sub-Region to provide local education and employment opportunities, minimise traffic congestion and stimulate the sub-regional economy. Planning for the delivery of major regional economic growth is critical to maximising business opportunities and employment potential. In this regard, the City of Wanneroo is keen to collaborate with all State Government agencies and other regional partners to:

  • Develop a framework to identify and plan for major regional economic infrastructure in the North-West Sub-Region
  • Finalise major planning strategies such as the Draft Public Transport Plan for Perth 2031, the North-West Sub-Region Structure Plan, the North-West Sub-Region Economic Development Framework and the Strategic Assessment of Perth and Peel (Environment and Heritage)
  • Develop a prioritisation and implementation framework for major regional economic infrastructure for the North-West Sub-Region 

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Collaborative Planning for Major Regional Economic Growth

Advocacy - Agribusiness

The rapidly growing population is putting increasing pressure on agricultural land due to urban encroachment and it is accepted that some areas traditionally used for agriculture will be urbanised. The State Government must ultimately decide if the loss of this land should be counteracted by protecting remaining productive land in the City of Wanneroo in order to determine the ultimate mix of agriculture and urbanisation for the Perth metropolitan area. 

The benefits of protection and retention of agriculture in the City of Wanneroo include: 

  • Protection of increasingly scarce agriculturally viable land;
  • Security of the food supply for our growing local population; 
  • Capitalising on export opportunities to supply growing populations nationally and internationally;
  • Opportunities associated with food tourism in the City of Wanneroo can be realised;
  • Retention of jobs and contribution to achieving the North-West sub-regions target for employment self-sufficiency; and 
  • Remove speculation and provide certainty for the future of agribusiness in the City of Wanneroo. 

Agribusiness Statement