Connect Wanneroo Get on Board Campaign

Nearly 60,000 emails have been sent by the community for the campaign. We are keeping the Get on Board campaign going until the new Government is sworn in. More information


Fund Our Future

Fund our Future

Our community has identified that an effective, integrated transport system is vital to the economic and social progress of the City of Wanneroo, and as such, the City will be actively participating in the Fund Our Future campaign.

Fund Our Future is calling for the establishment of a national allocation of funding for key infrastructure projects, such as healthcare facilities, main roads and railways in these high-growth outer metropolitan areas like ours.

Wanneroo Traffic

Please click on the link below and sign the online petition if you would like to see:

  • Less traffic congestion on our roads
  • Our northern train line extended to Yanchep; and
  • Vital roadworks completed in the City of Wanneroo, including the extension of the freeway from Hester Avenue to Romeo Road; and continued dualling of Wanneroo Road and Flynn Drive to help generate local jobs for our community

Fund Our Future

Together we have a loud voice that cannot be ignored.