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Wanneroo Youth Centre - Expressions of Interest

Background Information

The City of Wanneroo currently provides support for young people aged 8-25 years across various youth centres. In order to ensure a holistic array of services and programs are offered in and around Wanneroo, the City is currently seeking expressions of interest from relevant youth and community organisations to deliver programs and services from Wanneroo Youth Centre in accordance with the following domains:

  1. Recreational Programs
    Promotion of physical health outcomes
    Promotion of social skill building
    Provision of opportunities to learn new skills
    Provision of early intervention opportunities for 8-11 year olds
  2. Educational Programs
    Provision of career and education support 
    Support with accessing employment
    Encouraging the development of social skills
    Encouraging the development of life skills
    Provision of parenting programs for parents of young people
    Provision of early intervention opportunities for 8-11 year olds
  3. Support Services
    Encouraging the development of coping skills and resilience
    Support for mental health, sexual health and alcohol and drug related needs
    Support for the multicultural and CALD young people
    Support for gender diverse young people
    Support for young parents
    Provision of early intervention opportunities for 8-11 year olds

For further information about Wanneroo Youth Centre and details of submission specifics please click below:

Wanneroo Youth Centre information

Wanneroo Youth Centre - Expressions of Interest. Further Information

Click below to complete the online form for expression of interest:

Online Form for Expressions of Interest