Queen's Baton Relay

Wanneroo batonbearers prepare to share the dream of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.


The Queens Baton Relay community batonbearer nomination program was open for public nominations from 5 March – 15 May 2017. Today the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation revealed the names of the batonbearers who will carry the Queen’s Baton around the City of Wanneroo.

These batonbearers will be a part of history as the Relay makes its way around the country on its way to the Opening Ceremony on 4 April 2018.

Wanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts said she was immensely proud of the ‘local legends’ who have been chosen for this special honour.

“Many have dedicated their lives to improving the lives of others, some have accomplished great feats and others are working towards realising their dreams,” Mayor Roberts said.

GOLDOC Chairman Peter Beattie AC said this will be a rare and unforgettable experience for the batonbearers.

“We couldn’t be more excited for the batonbearers who will be a part of this rich tradition. We are honoured to have so many great Australians carry Her Majesty’s message for Gold Coast 2018 and we look forward to celebrating their stories and inspiring generations to come.”

Local Batonbearer Profiles

Scott Guerini, Alkimos

Scott Guerini

Year of Birth: 2006

Scott founded 'Scott's Great Walk' at four years old. After learning about fundraising at kindergarten he decided he needed to do something to help sick kids and babies. The hardest thing he could think of was to walk 25 kilometres from the family farm to town. He made it in eight hours and 40 minutes. He walked 25 kilometres again aged five and six, 41 kilometres at seven and completed full marathons at eight, nine, ten and last year at eleven. He also hiked 82 kilometres in Canada last year. 

Since 2010 Scott has raised $125,000 for Telethon because of his walking. He also recently had a book published which he wrote and illustrated – ‘Did You Know, You Can Change the World?’ which is about helping others and his walking journey (proceeds from the book sales go to Telethon).

Margaret Cockman, Ashby

Margaret Cockman

Year of Birth: 1931

Margaret comes from a Wanneroo founding family and is a Freeman of the City, having previously worked in local government for more than five decades.

Without Margaret, many associations and community organisations throughout the City of Wanneroo and Joondalup would not exist. Over the years, Margaret has been actively involved and even founded groups including the Wanneroo Country Women’s Association, Wanneroo Agricultural Society, Wanneroo and Districts Historical Society and Wanneroo St John Ambulance Service.

Margaret co-authored the History of     Wanneroo book and received the Medal of the Order of Australia for her community work in 1990.

Chloe Clements, Pearsall

Chloe Clements

Year of Birth: 1999

Chloe is a 17-year-old brain cancer warrior, survivor, fighter and advocate. She is a gymnast and a dancer, and competes at high levels.  At 15 she was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma. Since having extensive surgery and treatment, she has had to learn to walk again.  Chloe is still facing ongoing treatment and side effects. 

Chloe is giving a face and voice to childhood cancer, for those who no longer can, raising funds and awareness through a number of charities by skydiving, abseiling, modelling, dancing and importantly, speaking out about her journey and others’ wherever possible. She is inspirational and mature beyond her years. Chloe is a cancer superhero.

Brian Pozzi, Woodvale

Brian Pozzi

Year of Birth: 1944

Brian is a selfless 73-year-old who looks a lot younger! He is a committed coach of more than 25 young inspiring athletes ranging in age from 12 years through to their 20s. Twice a week he trains them rain, hail, or shine, often picking kids up if needed. Brian is at every single meet and he has seen some of his athletes reach national, state, interstate levels and more. All of this is done in his free time. Furthermore, he purchases all the necessary equipment himself. Brian is extremely committed and deserves recognition.

Rishelle Hume, Butler

Year of Birth: 1975

Rishelle is a proud Noongar woman with traditional ties to the Whadjuk, Ballardong and Gnaala Karla Booja Peoples. She holds a double major in Commence and Human Resource Management, and is employed as Senior HR Aboriginal Employment Consultant within the oil and gas sector. 

This highly respected leader received a 2016 Western Australian of the Year Award for promoting Aboriginal Rights and Noongar culture. Some of her appointments include; Chairperson of the Mandjah Boodjah Aboriginal Corporation; Co-Ambassador and Founder of the Yorga Djenna Bidi Leadership Program; Noongar Charitable Trust Advisory Council Member; UNESCO National Cultural Heritage Portfolio Holder; and DSR Aboriginal Sports Cultural Committee Member.

Russell (Rusty) Nelligan, Marangaroo

Rusty Nelligan

Year of Birth: 1965
Rusty has represented both Western Australia and Australia at Special Olympics around the world, taking gold for softball in China in 2007.

Rusty won the EKS Award at the Special Olympics in 2012 for his leadership skills both on and off the sporting field.

Altogether, Rusty has participated in more than ten Special Olympics. A member of the Special Olympics Athlete Leadership Program, Rusty encouraged and supports fellow athletes in public speaking and community engagement, working on numerous committees with energy and enthusiasm. A dedicated athlete, Rusty is a keen tennis, softball and basketball player and an avid athletics participant.

Batonbearers with mayor

Successful Batonbearers for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Queens Baton Relay

First Name Last Name Community Location
Jackson Anderson Quinns Rocks
Craig Ashurst Quinns Rocks
Jenna Broomhall Quinns Rocks
Margaret Cockman Quinns Rocks
Sue Dash Quinns Rocks
Scott Guerini Quinns Rocks
Rusty Hazel Quinns Rocks
Abby Hennighan Quinns Rocks
Dale Hennighan Quinns Rocks
Rishelle Hume Quinns Rocks
Trent Mitton Quinns Rocks
Shirley Palmer Quinns Rocks
Willie Pang Quinns Rocks
Steven Pitcher Quinns Rocks
Katie Robertson Quinns Rocks
Anthony Shields Quinns Rocks
Bronte Strauss Quinns Rocks
Shirley Treasure Quinns Rocks
First Name Last Name Community Location
Ailie Clark Wanneroo
Delyse Clayden Wanneroo
Ethan Clayden Wanneroo
Chloe Clements Wanneroo
Candy Griffiths Wanneroo
Nicole Liesis Wanneroo
Colleen Little Wanneroo
Pamela McKenzie Wanneroo
Jose Millares Wanneroo
Rusty Nelligan Wanneroo
Helen Orzel Wanneroo
Brian Pozzi Wanneroo
Gaye Teede Wanneroo
Edward Trindall Wanneroo
Jaxon Westell Wanneroo