Recycling collection

The City of Wanneroo provides a fortnightly kerbside recycling service for yellow lid bins.

Fortnightly recycling collection schedule

Recyclable items

  • Aluminium & steel cans (clean and empty)
  • Glass bottles and jars (clean and empty)
  • Plastic bottles & containers (clean and empty - lids off)
  • Cardboard (please flatten)
  • Paper (excluding shredded paper, paper towels and tissues)

Place the following items next to your yellow lid bin:

  • Car batteries
  • Used engine oil (up to five litres - in original container ONLY

Non-recyclable items

  • Material in bags (any recyclable material should be placed loose in the bin)
  • Plastic bags and light plastic film
  • Nappies
  • Clothes or other textiles
  • Garden waste and food waste
  • Gas bottles and aerosol cans
  • Electronic waste and batteries
  • Ropes, cables and garden hose pipes