Fire safety

As summer heats up, so does the risk of fire.

All burning off on any land is prohibited between 1 December and 31 March and fire permits for burning are required all year round.

Everyone can take responsibility for reducing fire hazards in the community. Keep smart this hot season by following some simple steps to keep your home and community safe. These precautions are just as important in the suburbs as they are in rural zones:

  • Ensure you have installed smoke detectors in your home and they are in working order.
  • Clear all vegetation, rubbish and flammable material away from the walls of your home as they may fuel a fire. A simple tip to remember is to create at 20 metre circle of safety around your home free from all these items.
  • All firewood, timber, petrol and kerosene will also need to be stored well away from your home.
  • Winter brings in the fallen leaves and debris, so as summer begins, clean your gutters out, trim branches away from the house and ensure trees are not growing near buildings.

If you live in bush or near scrub there are additional steps you must take to prepare your property.

Other points to remember:

  • Water supply is not guaranteed during a bushfire.
  • Power supply is not guaranteed during a bushfire.
  • Saving life will be a priority over saving property so expect to be evacuated.
  • Once evacuated, access to affected areas may not be possible for several days.
  • Water bombing by aircraft cannot be guaranteed in bushfire.
  • SMS warnings are advice only and may not be timely.

During fire emergencies, updated emergency information will be available on the Department of Fire and Emergency Services website at and the ABC Emergency website at