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Abandoned shopping trolleys

How to Report Abandoned Shopping Trolleys: Trolley Tracker™ is a coordinated effort that asks shoppers, the community and local councils to work together to manage trolleys.

Trolley Tracker
1800 641 497 free call (except from mobile phones)
Online Reporting:
Coles Supermarkets
Coles Supermarkets have introduced a shopping trolley action plan to address the issue of abandoned trolleys across the City's district.
Call: 1800 876 553
SMS: 0400 55 66 66 Download the Coles App on your phone

Coles & Wesfarmers branded trolleys include:

Kmart, Target,  Bunnings, Office Works

To report abandoned trolleys from any other stores please ring the City on 9405 5000 during business hours or 1300 13 83 93 and Rangers will respond.