Yanchep kangaroos

The City continues to consult with the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) and other stakeholders on kangaroo management in the area, and can confirm that further kangaroo relocations are not planned for this summer.

The recent relocation was to address animal welfare, traffic and community safety concerns.

Supplementary water sources for the animals in bushland north of St Andrews estate have been installed by the City as temporary measure. They are situated under the shade of trees to minimise water loss through evaporation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the City’s role with Yanchep kangaroos?

The City of Wanneroo does not have the authority to manage wildlife welfare except on Council- owned land.  The City acts as a coordinator, assisting other parties to address the issue of kangaroos gathering in increasingly high numbers in residential parts of Yanchep.  We  consult with the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW), the lead agency in the protection of wildlife, and private land owners on relocation programs.

Who moves the kangaroos ?

A recent relocation was to address animal welfare, traffic and community safety concerns. The City is not considering further relocations during the 2016/17 summer.

The City had engaged specialist contractors to sedate the kangaroos before moving them from Council land to the bushland area. The licensed contractors have considerable professional experience in the field of fauna management and the work is carried out before dawn as heat can cause distress to the animals.    

Are the kangaroos safe in the bush?

The challenge is to find a balance between protecting the welfare of the kangaroos while also recognising that they are wild animals in an urban environment.  As natural bush animals, kangaroos will find non-urban food and water sources.  Contrary to some commentary kangaroos impacted by urbanisation are capable of locating natural food and water sources.

What happens in future?

In the coming decades urban growth will likely continue in our north- coast corridor, potentially impacting on kangaroos and other native wildlife. The City will be working with landowners to ensure that the perimeter fencing around their developments is completed to help retain the kangaroos in their natural habitat.  We are focused on all parties treating the situation as compassionately and safely as possible.