Permits to Burn suspended from 11pm Wednesday 13 November 2019

Due to the extremely dry conditions, recently observed fire conditions and forecast fire danger ratings, Permits to Burn are suspended from 11pm, Wednesday 13 November 2019.


Council approvals for home based businesses

Various Council approvals are required depending on the category of home based business.

Category 1

Planning approval is not required but a letter of compliance (written planning advice) can be provided upon request. To obtain a letter of compliance, the following is required:

Health approvals - If you are running a family day care business and providing any food to children (not including food provided by their parents) then you need to complete and submit a Notification and Registration Form - Food Act 2008.

Category 2 and 3

Planning approval is always required. Complete the following applications:

Please note, fees apply in accordance with the City's Planning Fee Schedule.

Health approvals are also required for home based food, hair and beauty or family day care businesses.