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There have been some changes to the Waste charges for 2018/19.

Mindarie Regional Council (MRC) has increased gate fees which will negatively impact operations and costs in 2018/19. This is calculated at approximately a $2.2m increase in Waste costs including a 7% increase in the Landfill Levy as imposed by the State Government.

It is preferable to ensure Waste costs are fully recovered, eliminating the need to subsidise this service through reductions in other projects or programs within the City.

As a consequence of the escalating cost in Waste for 2018/19 these costs have been separated from Rates which will provide a number of benefits. These include greater transparency in costs and the ability to influence consumer behaviour that will lead to reduced landfill.

Guided by the Strategic Budget Policy the separation of Waste from Rates will help the City meet the following principles:

  • Transparency: Adequately disclosing charges
  • Equity: Pricing model is equitable and fair
  • Intergenerational: Financial Stewardship for future needs
  • User Pays: Setting fair and equitable rates will endorse the User Pays principle.

Pensioners entitled to a reduced waste charge will see the discount applied on their rates notice.

Why is waste listed as a separate charge on my rates notice?

This is not a new charge.

In light of increased costs to local landfill disposal in Western Australia, waste levy charges have been extracted from general rates to provide greater transparency of the cost of waste management and to ensure that waste costs are fully recovered, eliminating the need to subsidise this service through reductions in other projects or programs in the City. 

Waste fee and pensioner rebate reductions

Following the Mindarie Regional Council’s forecasted 8.15% increase to waste management fees for 2018/19, waste charges have been separated  from the City’s overall rates charges to ensure greater transparency for all residents. This change has unfortunately resulted in a reduced rebate for some pensioners because the waste fee is not deductable through the State Government Rates Rebate.

Council introduced two partial pensioner discounts for 2018/19. The discount is issued to eligible pensioner households based on the amount of rates levied. This waste fee discount is automatically applied to eligible pensioner households, and is noted at the bottom of their rates notice. Further, the City has requested the State Government to consider waste fee rebates for pensioner households during its current review of the Local Government Act.