De-stash your trash

Published Thursday, 11th January 2018

Still inundated with cardboard boxes and polystyrene packaging from Christmas? Is it time to clean out your wardrobe or linen cupboard? Are you ready to cull your collection of obsolete technology?


The City of Wanneroo’s Waste Services is again hosting a community drop-off event, this time for a whole weekend, 3 - 4 February.

Residents will be able to get rid of a range of different items at the one time that will be re-used or recycled, specifically tyres, e-waste, clothing, bulk cardboard and bulk polystyrene.

The City of Wanneroo is committed to reducing waste to landfill, aiming for at least a 65 per cent diversion rate by 2020.

Community Drop Off Weekend Details:
Location - Ashby Operations Centre, 1204 Wanneroo Rd, Ashby (North entrance)
Date - Saturday 3 February and Sunday 4 February 2018
Time - 8am to 4pm

For further details visit, and see specific details on acceptable items below.

In 2017 the City of Wanneroo collected more than 2000 illegally dumped tyres on City land.

Dumped tyres provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes, leak toxics into the environment and pose other environmental and health risks.

In partnership with Tyrecycle, the tyres collected at this drop off weekend will be reprocessed to be used in a range of purposes, including athletic tracks, building insulation, soft fall surfaces, and even new tyres.

Conditions for dropping off tyres:

  • Maximum of 4 tyres per household. No rims.
  • 4x4, motorcycle and passenger vehicle tyres ONLY. NO commercial tyres.
  • City of Wanneroo residents only. Residents must show their driver’s licence or rates notice in order to drop off (applies only to the drop off of tyres). 

Several registered charity organisations will be on site to collect your unwanted clothing.

Items accepted:

  • clothing
  • textiles
  • manchester
  • bedding
  • towels
  • shoes

Electronic waste or e-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in Australia.

These products contain precious resources and sometimes hazardous materials that cannot be recovered through your kerbside recycling or domestic waste bins.

Items collected will be disassembled, and components made of steel, copper, aluminium and plastic recycled back into new products.

Items accepted:

  • desktop computers and laptops
  • iPods and mobile phones
  • hard drives, CDs and floppy drives (computer only)
  • computer server units and UPS systems
  • inkjet and laserjet printers
  • LCD, Plasma and CRT monitors and televisions
  • printers, scanners, copiers, modems and network devices
  • keyboards, mice and joysticks
  • fax machines
  • circuit boards, electronic cables and wiring

Cardboard and polystyrene packaging
Cardboard or polystyrene packaging can be dropped off for recycling (no meat trays, cups or beads).

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