Anzac Day closures

Please note, all City of Wanneroo libraries, Wanneroo Regional Museum and Wanneroo Aquamotion will be closed for Anzac Day.


Online mapping

How to use Intramaps mapping tool

Navigation tools

Use these to navigate around the map window

Using Intramaps 1

GIS navigation

Selection tools

Use these tools to select and display information on the map

GIS selection tools

Measurement tools

Use these tools to measure distance area. To use, click in the start window of the feature you want to measure and double click at the end. Your measurement will be displayed in the results box. Please note these measurements are approximate and should not be used as a substitution for a proper survey.

GIS measurement tools


The modules box contains various modules that exist within IntraMaps. Each module consists of feature datasets or layers, for example, aerial photographs, point or line files that represent spatial objects and contain corporate information. Modules exist to group this spatial into like datasets for ease of use and organisation.

GIS Modules


The layers list shows the various types of information that exist within each module. The layers can be turned on and off and can also be labelled from within the layers list.

GIS Layers