Water Campaign

Water is a vital yet increasingly scarce resource. Water is a major feature of our natural environment and is also an important component of our culture and economy; therefore the management of this precious resource is essential to the community, as a whole.

Many local governments also recognise that, as large consumers of water, they also have a responsibility to show leadership by providing for the needs of the community in a sustainable and efficient manner.

The Water Campaign™ is an international freshwater management program, which builds the capacity of local government to reduce water consumption and improve local water quality. The campaign methodology provides a standardised process for water conservation and water quality improvement, and for monitoring, measuring and reporting performance.

The Water Campaign™ Australia is delivered in collaboration with ICLEI's various Australian partners, including the Australian Government and the Government of Western Australia, among others.

The framework for The Water Campaign™ consists of the following modules:

Corporate: The Corporate Module focuses specifically on water consumption and quality issues within the Local Government’s own corporate activities (including parks and gardens and all Council buildings and facilities).

Community: The Community Module considers water consumption and quality issues throughout the wider community including residents and industrial and commercial operations.

The City of Wanneroo joined The Water Campaign™ in February 2006 and is currently working through the first of five Milestones, which are as follows:

Milestone One: Inventory of water consumption and water quality issues.

Milestone Two: Establishing targets for water quantity and water quality improvements.

Milestone Three: The development and endorsement by Council of a Local Action Plan.

Milestone Four: Implementation and quantification.

Milestone Five: Monitoring, reporting and evaluation.

For more information on the Water Campaign contact the City’s Senior Environmental Planner on 9405 5000.

For information on how you can save water and money in your home and garden go to Water Corporation