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Coastal Projects - Quinns Beach Long Term Coastal Management

Suburb Quinns Rocks
Ward North Coast Ward
Key Facts

A detailed coastal processes assessment, options assessment and detailed design study was undertaken between 2014 and 2017 and was approved by Council in April 2017. This study recommended the following coastal construction works staged over three years:

  • Stage 1 (2017/18) – New groyne construction (Groyne 4) at Queenscliff Park, beach access ramp for pedestrians and maintenance vehicles and beach re-nourishment.
  • Stage 2 (2018/19) – Extension of Groyne 2 by 45m (in between Mary Street and Kemp Avenue) and beach re-nourishment.
  • Stage 3 (2019/20) – Extension of Groyne 3 by 15m (southern end of the Quinns Dog Beach) and beach re-nourishment.
  • Groyne 1 Maintenance and  Upgrade Works (2020/21)

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Further information and project updates
Completed Stages
  • Stage 1 Study – Coastal Processes Assessment.
  • Stage 2 Study – Coastal Management Options Assessment.
  • Stage 3 Study – Detailed Design.
  • Stage 1 Construction Works - Groyne 4, beach renourishment and beach access ramp.
  • Stage 2 Construction Works – Extension of Groyne 2 and beach renourishment.
  • Stage 3 Construction Works - Extension of Groyne 3 and beach renourishment.
  • Groyne 1 Maintenance and Upgrade Works.
Current Stage

All works completed - Defects Liability Period

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