DFES Bushfire Emergency Warning - Two Rocks, Breakwater Estate, Seatrees Estate, Yanchep

DFES has advised affected areas in an area bounded by Guilderton Rd to the north, Indian Ocean Dr to the east, Yanchep Beach Rd to the south, and the western coast. Further information from DFES


Completed Projects - Hocking - Hinckley Park passive park

Suburb Hocking
Ward Central Ward
Key Facts

Hinckley Park, Hocking will remain a large piece of land with no provision of amenities once completed by developers for the nearby residents. 

The City is taking a pro-active approach so that the residents are not without a park for any length of time. 

This project is to improve local amenity by retaining and complementing natural landscapes within the built environment.


Ph: 9405 5000

Date Updated: 28 June 2019.