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What is a complaint?

The City defines a complaint as 'Dissatisfaction with services or products of the City and its contractors, or with the action of employees or Council in the provision of those services or products'.

A complaint is not a request for service. Although this means you do not have to say 'I want to make a complaint,' it is helpful and clearer to you and the City if you do. All complaints will be treated fairly and given equal importance.

The City of Wanneroo has a formal procedure when dealing with complaints. The City’s Customer Liaison Officer will assess your complaint to determine the best course of action and may refer your complaint to another officer/Service Unit if a more technical response is required.

When we receive a complaint from you, we will: 

  • Listen objectively to your concerns. 
  • Aim to respond within 7 business days, however if your complaint requires in depth investigation we will contact you to provide a timeframe of when you can expect to receive a response. 
  • Impartially investigate your complaint. 
  • Investigate anonymous complaints to the best of our ability, however acknowledge we will be unable to provide you with a response. 
  • Keep you updated with the progress of your complaint and ultimately provide an outcome and inform you of any actions we have taken. 
  • Use the information you provide to improve our services.

Anonymous complaints

The City understands that there may be situations that you do not feel comfortable with and do not wish to provide your personal information.

We encourage you to provide us with contact details to enable the City to respond. If you wish to remain anonymous, please understand that feedback cannot be provided to you and this will limit our ability to successfully resolve your complaint.