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Online forms: Report a Stolen or Damaged Bin

Please note that this online request will be processed during business hours, Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5pm.

Is your current bin damaged or broken?

The City of Wanneroo will repair or replace damaged bins for free.

In order to continue with lodging this request, please be advised that your bin must be: 

  • Completely empty; and  
  • Placed on the verge by 6am on the preferred delivery/repair date.

Is your current bin missing/stolen?

Before you contact the City about replacing your missing/stolen bin, please make sure your neighbour has not taken your bin by mistake.

Have you recently moved into your newly built home?

If you are contacting us to order new bins for your new property please complete a New Bin Request Form so that we can arrange for these to be delivered.

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