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Online forms: Notice of Completion

What is a Notice of Completion?

The builder or demolition contractor, nominated on a Building or Demolition Permit, must complete a BA7 - Notice of Completion form within seven days of completing the work for which the permit was granted. The Notice of Completion must be accompanied by any relevant inspection or test certificates as listed on the Building or Demolition Permit and submitted to the City within the seven day period. This establishes the end date of the permit for compliance and record keeping purposes. The person nominated as the builder or demolition contractor remains liable for the building or demolition work complying with the Building Act 2011 until a Notice of Completion, or Notice of Cessation, has been received by the City.

Failure to submit this notice of completion attracts a penalty of up to $10,000. 

Note: The submission of this notice of completion does not authorise the occupancy of a Class 2 – Class 9 building for which an occupancy permit is required.