; Request to appoint or cancel managing agent - City of Wanneroo

COVID-19 update - Friday 7 May 2021

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Online forms: Request to appoint or cancel managing agent

This form is required to be completed if you would like to appoint or cancel a property agent or managing agent to act on your behalf including authority for correspondence from the City to be mailed to the third party.

This form can be completed by:

  • The property owner – full details and consent will be required
  • Managing agent / Authorised Agent -  written authority to act must be provided in one of the following forms:
    • A letter from the property owner advising details of the third party, or
    • A copy of the signed Management Authority which shows you have authority to act regarding rates (rates box ticked etc), this must be signed by the owner/s

Without this we cannot update the address information or discuss the rates.

For further information please contact Rating Services on 9405 5000.