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A new clause of the Deemed Provisions (Schedule 2 of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations, 2015) came into effect on 3 April 2020 in response to the current State of Emergency resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic (the Pandemic).

The new regulations provide the Minister for Planning with the ability to issue a notice (the Notice) to temporarily exempt planning requirements of local planning schemes, if such an exemption is considered necessary to respond to a State of Emergency, or to assist with the recovery.

The exemptions remove any barriers within the planning system to ensure flexible and speedy responses to a changing crisis environment, support business and guarantee the provision of essential community services.  The exemptions the City have included are as follows:

  • medical or health-related facilities
  • commercial uses (shop, restaurant, convenience store, consulting room, office)
  • industrial uses (Industry – Extractive, Industry – General, Industry – Hazardous, Industry – Light, Industry – Rural, Warehouse, Transport Depot)
  • home business/ home occupation
  • commercial vehicle parking
  • temporary workers accommodation, and
  • time frame extensions (for applications with existing approvals).

These exemptions will remain in effect until 90 days after the end of the State of Emergency.

For further information please refer to the Notice of exemption from the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage for further information.

Should your application relate to a development that currently has approval (excluding timeframe extensions) please lodge your query here and mark it for the attention of Approval Services.