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Total fire ban - Wednesday 8 December 2021

DFES has declared a 24 hour TOTAL FIRE BAN for the City of Wanneroo on Wednesday 8 December 2021. The Fire Danger Rating is forecast as EXTREME. Further information


Tenders and contracts

Contractor Occupational Safety and Health induction

It is mandatory for all contractors working for the City of Wanneroo to complete this online OSH Induction. Once this training is completed successfully it will automatically register and certify the contractor to conduct work for a period of 2 years from date of completion for the City of Wanneroo.

These OSH guidelines must be understood and implemented when safe to do so, in line with work conducted on behalf of the City of Wanneroo.

It is important when starting this induction training that the contractor is aware of who their City contact person or (contract superintendent) is, this must be known for the contractor to complete this induction training successfully.