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Prescribed burn - Doogarch Park Carabooda. Saturday 24 April at 8am.

The City’s Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade will be undertaking a prescribed burn at Doogarch Park, Carabooda on Saturday, 24 April 2021 at approximately 8am (weather permitting).



Advocacy - Reserves including Regional Northern Coastal Suburbs Swimming Pool

The City has been focussing on active open space for the City for a long time with much effort being made to acquire, develop and maintain the many spaces that are needed within the City.

The agenda for advocacy has identified regional and district open space projects that are seen as important for residents and the City.

Ensuring residents and schools have local access to a range of facilities that encourage and support health and wellbeing, provide facilities for competitive and recreational sporting activities as well as enhancing the general liveability of the City is a priority.

To reflect this importance the City has joined 10 other high growth outer Metro Councils in WA to seek funding from Federal Government so that a fund can be set up that will enable more facilities to be developed. This will be a longer term campaign and you can support the call for the fund by going to www.gapp.org.au.

The focus areas for the City are covered in more detail by clicking below:

Reserves and Open Spaces information sheet

Regional Northern Coastal Suburbs Swimming Pool

The need for a pool was originally identified in the Northern Corridor Community Facilities Plan with a proposed implementation date of 2042. Council at its meeting held February 2018 agreed that the date needs to be bought forward.

Full details are outlined in the attached information sheet below:

Regional Northern Coastal Suburbs Swimming Pool information sheet

Of particular importance are:

  • Population growth projections for the northern corridor. In 2016 the population north of Clarkson made up 24% of the City of Wanneroo population, in 2031 this is projected to reach 37% and in 2041 to be 41% with 170,499 people living north of Clarkson from a projected City population of 412,996
  • Many schools are expected to be built to accommodate this growth and students need closer access to quality aquatic facilities. Currently they have to travel long distances for swimming
  • Many students and residents choose to live in the City and may never have had an opportunity to experience swimming or being near the ocean. It is important that people learn water safety skills.
  • Current residents have identified a range of needs that can be met by having a pool in the northern suburbs including improved health and well-being, therapy, swimming lessons, competitive sports and a venue for events.

Currently the City is undertaking an early stage study to explore the concept further, assess needs and potential impacts.

If you would like a pool for the northern suburbs we would urge you to make your voice heard on www.gapp.org.au

For more details click below:

Regional Northern Coastal Suburbs Swimming Pool information sheet