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Food Trucks

Food Trucks - Community Information

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Bringing great food and great value to local parks and public spaces, the food truck program is designed to create opportunities for local residents to connect and socialise. 

All food truck events are managed by external coordinators independent of the City of Wanneroo. In support of this, the City makes a range of trading locations available for coordinators to host events at.

To engage in one of the many wonderful food truck events and learn more about the program, please view the FAQs below:

How does the food truck program work?

The City of Wanneroo’s food truck program is a community-driven initiative. Everything from locations, dates, times and menu items is coordinated by independent operators – this means more regular events at local parks and open spaces, as well as greater variety and choice for local residents.

Where will the food trucks be located?

The available trading locations for food truck events are:

  • Alexander Heights - Paloma Park
  • Banksia Grove - Peridot Park
  • Butler - Kingsbridge Park
  • Girrawheen - Liddell Park
  • Hocking - Amery Park
  • Kingsway - Kingsway
  • Koondoola - Shelvock Park
  • Koondoola - Butterworth Park
  • Landsdale - Warradale Park
  • Two Rocks - Charnwood
  • Wanneroo - Wanneroo Skate Park

Please note, additional food truck events may occur at parks and open spaces in new housing estates that aren’t managed by the City of Wanneroo (such as Shorehaven, Alkimos, Amberton Beach, Eglinton and Eden Beach, Jindalee).

When does the food truck season commence?

Food truck event season will commence in spring 2019, and typically runs during the warmer spring/summer months (between September/October and April/May). The City of Wanneroo accepts food truck event applications throughout the year.

How can I find out the details of specific food truck events?

The City of Wanneroo is working collaboratively with a number of local food truck operators to run a community-driven program. Everything from dates and locations to menu items and more are coordinated by independent operators.  

The operators for the 2019/20 food truck program currently are:

To find out when food trucks will be in your neighbourhood, be sure to visit each operator’s website and follow them on social media. Keep an eye out for advertising on social media, in community newspapers, in your mailbox and at a range of public locations throughout the community.