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Community Groups - Becoming Incorporated

Incorporating a group provides a simple and affordable way for not for profit groups to establish themselves as legal entities.

Community groups can be set up for many community purposes. Becoming Incorporated provides a simple and affordable way for not-for-profit groups to establish themselves as legal entities. Do your research and really consider what it means for you and the group to become incorporated.

Becoming incorporated proves to external bodies that your group is democratic and accountable.

A group is eligible for incorporation under the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 if the group has at least 6 members with voting rights, does not distribute funds to its members and is formed for any of the following purposes:

  • religious, educational, charitable or benevolent purposes;
  • promoting literature, science or the arts;
  • providing medical treatment, attention or promoting the interests of people who suffer from a particular physical, mental or intellectual disability or condition;
  • sport, recreation or amusement;
  • establishing, carrying on or improving a community, social or cultural centre or promoting the interests of a local community;
  • conserving resources or preserving any part of the environmental, historical or cultural heritage of the State;
  • promoting the interests of students or staff of educational institutions;
  • political purposes;
  • promoting the common interests of persons engaged or interested in a particular business, trade or industry;
  • or any other purpose as approved by the Commissioner for Consumer Protection.

How to Incorporate

The major steps for applying for incorporation are:

  • Choose a name;
  • adopt a set of rules which comply with the requirements of the Act. An association can choose to prepare its own rules or adopt the prescribed model rules;
  • lodge an application for incorporation with the required accompanying documentation;
  • application for incorporation can be lodged using AssociationsOnline.


Further information can be accessed via the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website (Formally Department of Commerce).

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