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Additions and extensions

If you're intending to complete any building work involving alterations or extensions and changes in ground levels you'll require a building permit and, in many cases, a development approval prior to commencement.

Development (Planning) Approval

This is a legal document issued under the Planning & Development Act 2005, which certifies that land or buildings can be used for a specific purpose. The approval will also detail any conditions under which land or buildings can generally be used.

A Development Approval is required prior to commecing or carrying out any development or use of land within the City of Wanneroo.

Building Permit

This is the authority (approval) for a person to carry out building works on land.

Health Approvals

Health approvals are required for buildings that will incorporate any of the following activities:

  • accommodation (non-residential)
  • trading in public places (i.e. outdoor dining, street trading & street markets
  • food handling 
  • hairdressing
  • beauty therapy 
  • skin penetration (i.e. waxing, tattooing)
  • keeping of animals
  • meat processing

Step 1. Development (Planning) Approval (always required)

As part of the additions and extensions, if you are planning to any of the following you need to submit a Development Application for approval.

Speak with a Planning Officer: 9405 5000

Step 2. Building Permit (always required)

A Building Permit is required for all non-residential additions and extensions.

Please note: Development Approval (step 1) is required before you can submit an 'Application for Building Permit – Certified'.

Speak with a Building Surveyor: 9405 5000

Step 3. Health Approvals (sometimes required)

Health approvals are required for buildings that will incorporate any of the following activities:

  • public buildings
  • food business
  • street traders/mobile food vendors
  • liquor and gaming licences
  • hair dressing and skin penetration premises
  • caravan parks and camping grounds
  • kennels and catteries
  • other requirements include: noise, unauthorised discharges.

Forms & Information Sheets

Speak with an Environmental Health Officer on 9405 5000.