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Start or Grow

Business Grants

The City of Wanneroo Business Grants aim to support the growth and development of local businesses, encourage innovation, drive job creation and grow the local economy. For further information visit our Business Grants webpage by clicking below:

Business Grants

Becoming an age-friendly business

With the population of people aged 60 years and over within the City of Wanneroo estimated to almost double by 2041, seniors are an increasingly important part of the customer base for many businesses. The City has put together an Age-Friendly Business Checklist which includes many no-cost and low-cost ways to make your business more age-friendly. This helps us meet the needs of our senior residents, while helping you to attract diverse  customers to your business! 

To find out more, download the checklist below:

Age-Friendly Business Checklist

Investing in experience

Attracting and retaining mature age workers can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your business. Some research also suggests this age group take less sick leave, are more productive, and change jobs less frequently. Check out the following resources:

Sources of business information

There are many things to consider when starting  or growing your business such as; feasibility, planning, business structures, licences, buying an existing business, buying a franchise, insurance, risk management, intellectual property, employing staff, marketing, online presence, tax and legal, exporting, importing, innovation and many more. 

The following web pages offer an extensive amount of information covering all aspects of business and can be an excellent starting point.

For further assistance and locally based help go to our Local Help page.

Starting a food manufacturing business

Information about starting a food manufacturing business can be found on the Department of Health website by clicking below. 

Starting a food manufacturing business

You can also find other information sheets and forms related to food businesses below:

Food and liquor information

Tenders and grants

For information on government tenders, business grants and doing business with the City, visit the pages by clicking below.

Grants & Tenders

Doing Business with the City