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City phones down due to power outage

There is currently a power outage affecting areas of Wanneroo, Sinagra, Wangara, and Hocking. This is affecting inbound calls reaching us. Alternative ways of contacting the City



City of Wanneroo Tourism Plan 2019-2024

The City of Wanneroo Tourism Plan 2019-2024 has been developed through extensive consultation with industry, partners and other key stakeholders and collaboration will be a major key to the success of the Plan. This Tourism Plan identifies a number of exciting emerging product development opportunities, as well as market segments which will provide the City with access to growth sectors.

The City’s strength is actually its diversity of experience potential, with everything from a stunning coastline to nature based activities, activation of places through events and building cultural facilities and services.

Click below to download and view the plan:

City of Wanneroo Tourism Plan 2019-2024

For more information, contact Economic Development on economic@wanneroo.wa.gov.au or call 9405 5000.