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Waste & Recycling

Verge collection

The City of Wanneroo provides two bulk collections per year:

You can search for your verge collection day by entering your full address into our Near Me feature. Click below:

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  • Waste should be placed on the verge no longer than one week before the collection date. 
  • If you see our waste team in your area before the due date for pickup, this will be for a pre-clean of the area. 
  • Do not follow your neighbour. Please check your collection dates. Crews will not return if you miss your collection.
  • Do not place your waste under trees, over sprinklers or on vacant lots and park lands.
  • Keep footpaths and driveways clear.
  • Avoid placing items on light coloured paving and artificial turf. Vehicles can leave marks and cause damage to these surfaces.
  • Please place waste at least 1 metre away from fences, walls, mail boxes, public utilities, power domes, water meters and sprinklers to avoid damage.
  • If your property is situated in a laneway, please place it in one of the visitor's car park bays at the front of your home. If you have any further questions, please contact Waste Services on 9405 5000.

Bulk waste

Click below to view the collection schedule for your area.

Bulk waste collection schedule

The City is able to keep approximately 40% of bulk waste out of landfill, thanks to changes in  our A-Z guide for more information about where to recycle your items.

We collect

  • mattresses
  • stoves and other white goods (up to 1.5 metres in length/width)
  • scrap steel
  • furniture/household items
  • general junk including ceramics and terracotta.

We do not collect

  • tree prunings/stumps/logs
  • bricks
  • sand
  • building rubble
  • pallets
  • fence sheeting
  • cement/concrete
  • flammable liquids
  • paint
  • chemical
  • oils
  • gas cylinders
  • plate glass,
  • shower screens
  • glass table-tops
  • any other glass
  • asbestos products
  • batteries
  • tyres
  • car bodies/vehicle parts
  • agricultural waste
  • any item exceeding 1.5 metres in length/width or excessively heavy.

Just because you don’t need it anymore doesn’t mean someone else won’t treasure it. 

Consider giving your unwanted items a new home by donating to charity. 

"Don't leave them outside"

Make your donations count. Give your donations a chance to find new homes. Don't leave them out in the cold! 

GIV is an initiative of some of WA's largest charities working together to reduce waste and make every donation count.

Visit the GIV website for more information.

Green waste

Click below to view the collection schedule for your area.

Green waste collection schedule

We collect

Tree and shrub prunings up to 1.5 metres in length and 300 mm in diameter. Please stack branches with cut ends facing the road.

We do not collect

Bags or boxes of garden waste, dug out lawn, general rubbish (junk, furniture, white goods etc), mattresses, e-waste, sand and soil materials, commercial waste.

Please note: We do not service vacant lots, commercial properties, reserves or parks and properties not receiving a domestic rubbish collection service.

If you need to dispose of your green waste outside of your green waste collection date, you can take it to Wangara Greens Recycling Facility. This facility is open on the weekend and most public holidays.

Tree lopper services

The City of Wanneroo is aware that some tree loppers have been advertising directly to residents that green waste collections are commencing in their suburb soon.

Please be aware that the City of Wanneroo does not have commercial agreements or relationships with tree loppers or any other contractors in relation to green waste collections. The City will not return for tree loppings placed on verges after the collection service has been through the area. Please ensure you are aware of the City's collection dates in your area and have all your green waste out for collection within specified guidelines.