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Three Bin System

Garden organics bin rollout

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The City of Wanneroo is moving towards the final stages of the Better Bin System rollout with the introduction of the new lime-green lid Garden Organics (GO) bins. These new bins will be rolling out to eligible properties from Monday 7 June. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will everybody receive a GO bin?

Those who reside on properties larger than 400sqm or who previously registered to receive a GO bin are eligible. If neither of these apply, then you will not be receiving a GO bin. 


When will I receive my GO bin?

GO bins are scheduled to be delivered from Monday 7 June. If you previously registered to receive SMS/email updates, you will receive a notification the week prior to when your GO bin is due to be delivered. You can also find out when your GO bin will be delivered by using the 'Find your waste collection dates' search tool on our Waste services page.


Why do we have to have a GO bin?

A three bin system is an easy way for residents to actively make a positive difference to our environment. Typically, household general waste bins contain 32% garden organic waste, 23% food organic waste; 26% recyclable materials and only 18% actual general waste. Turning waste into resources, the introduction of these new bins is expected to transform 14,000 tonnes of greens into a range of high quality soil-enhancing products over the next 12 months.

Additionally, the City of Wanneroo invited residents and ratepayers to take part in a Waste Services survey from May to June 2018 to help the City understand the community’s preferences for the future of waste management. 75 per cent of respondents wanted to introduce a third bin for the disposal of organic waste.


My property is over 400m2 but I do not want a garden organics bin. Can I opt out?

No. The three bin system will be the new standard waste service for all households 400m2 or larger, therefore there is no option to opt out of the service. The City is committed to deliver a three-bin kerbside collection system to all households by 2025, as per the State Government’s Waste Strategy. 


What is the difference between a GO bin and a FOGO bin?

GO stands for ‘garden organics’. A GO bin is only for garden organic waste such as leaves, small branches and twigs, and grass clippings. FOGO, which stands for ‘food and garden organics’ is for both food waste and garden waste. 


Why did the City implement a GO bin and not a FOGO bin?

Wanneroo Council initially approved the implementation of a three bin system, which included FOGO (food organics, garden organics) material, at its July 2019 meeting. Tenders for FOGO waste processing were invited on two occasions; however, the waste management industry was not in a position to process the volume of FOGO material produced by the City of Wanneroo. As a result, Council resolved to take a staged approach that delivers a GO solution now, with a view to introduce FOGO material at a later date. The City will continue discussions regarding an optimum time for the implementation of a FOGO system and will update residents accordingly.


Do I need to do anything to receive my GO bin?

No. Provided your property is eligible, a GO bin will be automatically delivered to you from Monday 7 June. You can start using this bin straight away.  


How often will my GO bin be collected?

The GO bin will be collected fortnightly, on alternative weeks to your Recycling bin. Your first collection will occur 14 days after delivery of your new bin. You can also look up the first collection date for your property using the 'Find your waste collection dates' search tool on our Waste services page.


What should go in the GO bin?

Loose garden organic waste such as lawn clippings, small branches (branches to be a metre or less in length, and a maximum of 6cm in diameter/thickness), leaves and flowers, small lengths of tree cuttings, weeds, sticks and twigs.

Please NO food waste, animal droppings, sand/soil or plastic bags and other waste. 


Where will the contents of the GO bin go?

The contents of the GO bin will be sent to a local, family-run business, where it is processed into a range of high quality soil-enhancing products, such as mulches and potting mix.


Will I still get a bulk greens verge collection and vouchers for the Wangara Greens Recycling Facility?

Yes. Bulk greens verge collections and tip vouchers for larger green waste items that are not suitable for the GO bin will continue as usual for the foreseeable future.