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Name a recycling truck competition

Children's Name a Truck  Competition banner

Thank you to all the kids who put on their thinking caps to participate in this competition. We received hundreds of entries and were impressed with the variety of names proposed – some creative, some meaningful, and some just very funny!   

After much deliberation, our truck drivers voted and have chosen the lucky winners. Congratulations to these 8 winners who can look forward to seeing their chosen names printed on a truck! Winner’s names and their submissions for a truck name are listed below.


Submitted by Cruz, age 5
“Benang in Noongar means "Tomorrow", if we recycle well today there will be a tomorrow.”

Submitted by Harvey, age 2
“It’s a really cool name and I love dinosaurs. The trucks are similar to dinosaurs as they crush things.”

Submitted by Abbey, age 6
“This is a Noongar word. I am Whadjuk Noongar and Djoorabiny means happy.”

Submitted by Wanneroo Secondary College Follow the Dream students, ages 12 - 17
“Karli means boomerang in Noongar - the trucks always come back.”

Submitted by Avalon and Annwyn, ages 10 and 7
“In mythology it symbolises regeneration”

Submitted by Tyler, age 10
“Kaya cares for country and also means hello. I think it is a great name.”

Submitted by Jade, age 12
“To say thank you for collecting everyone's rubbish because yanga means thank you.”

Submitted by Laylah, age 12
“I named the truck Garbina because we need more female trucks.”


There were so many great entries that we just had to highlight some notable runners-up:

‘Bingo’ – submitted by Riley and Austin (ages 5) and Tyler (age 5), 
‘Axle’ – submitted by Alyssa (age 8)
‘Bin Diesel’ – submitted by Will
‘Koolbardi’ – submitted by Wanneroo Secondary College Follow the Dream students
‘Demeter’ – submitted by Halo (age 10)
‘The Regurgitator’ – submitted by Ryley (age 14)
‘Aretha Trucklin’ – submitted by Courtney (age 16)

Recycling Tips

We also received a truckload (pardon the pun) of helpful recycling tips! Here’s some of our favourites:

“When at the supermarket, look at the types of packaging and choose ones that can be recycled.”
“Make sure no food goes into the recycling bin and rinse bottles and cans first.”
“We try to reuse as much as possible - glass jars are used for storage in the shed and cardboard boxes become building blocks!.”
“We have big boxes next to our indoor rubbish bin. One for recycling, one for soft plastics and one for 10c bottles. This makes it easy for us to make sure we minimize waste going to landfill.”
“Draw on both sides of the paper.”
“Put a picture of recycling on the bin like I did at home with what goes in it.”
“We take all our bottles for recycling and I get the money in my bank account for helping recycle and keeping the bottles out of the tip. I also save the lids to help charities.”
“We like to put stuff for recycling in our "making things" box and use them for our craft projects first before they go in the recycling bin later.”
“Scrunch your plastic to see which bin it goes in. Hard plastic in the yellow bin, soft plastic goes back to the shop.”
“We put all the vegies in our compost bin and it’s my job”