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Wanneroo Festival - Frequently Asked Questions

What will the City of Wanneroo be doing to celebrate Australia Day in 2020?

We absolutely are celebrating Australia on Australia Day.

For the seventh year in a row, the City of Wanneroo will be hosting Australia’s largest Australia Day citizenship ceremony, with a free community breakfast and the conferring of Australian citizenship on nearly 1000 people from 65 different countries.

The City of Wanneroo continues to support local community groups with direct and indirect financial assistance to hold celebratory events for Australia Day.

What is the Wanneroo Festival?

The Wanneroo Festival has been seen by the community as an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of the City, and in particular, a chance to educate new citizens to the importance, value and richness of Aboriginal culture in the City.

This event will welcome the whole community – embracing diversity and what it means to be Australian.

The Wanneroo Festival promotional material does include the Australian flag which recognises Australia.

What can people expect at the Wanneroo Festival?

Attendees can expect music, dance, food and entertainment from all over the globe.

Performers include local musicians Jordan Anthony and Australia’s Got Talent superstars the Subhi Brothers.

Food trucks will be serving Italian cuisine, British fish and chips, Malaysian satay and rice, Thai foods, American hotdogs, nachos, wood-fired pizza, Jamaican barbecue, traditional Turkish and authentic Vietnamese street food, Indian fusion, Dutch pancakes and Mauritian cakes.

Rounding out the evening is an 8pm fireworks display.

The City of Wanneroo has received 60 expressions of interest to date for performers and food vendors, with EOIs still open. To submit an expression of interest, head to www.wanneroo.wa.gov.au/wanneroofestivaleoi

Why have the words ‘Australia Day’ been dropped from promotional material for the Wanneroo Festival?

The City of Wanneroo’s Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group (RAPWG) advised branding would be critical for this event, and emphasised the need to avoid references to Australia Day.

During consultation with the RAPWG, the group explained the recommendation is due to the fact that many people feel ‘Australia Day’ is not a day for celebration, as it marks the commencement date of colonisation that brought unjust treatment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Out of respect for the views expressed by the RAPWG members and to support the inclusiveness of the event, Australia Day is not referenced.

This advice from the RAPWG was included in the report that went to Council on 30 July 2019, where the holding of the Festival was approved.

Why was the term ‘multicultural’ dropped from event collateral?

The term hasn’t been dropped; the title ‘Wanneroo Festival’ was selected by the joint RAP and Multicultural Advisory working group and is used in promotional material rather than the longer title, Wanneroo Multicultural Festival.

The term ‘multicultural’ has been used in media releases and print advertisements to describe the nature of the event.