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Home security

There are many things you can do to keep your home secure and prevent crime through environmental design.

Clear views
The front of your house should always be visible from the front street. A sturdy fence should surround the sides and back of your property.

Easily identified
Your house number should be clearly visible from the street.

Install sensor lights at the entrance of your house.

Ensure shrubs / landscaping around your property are trimmed to allow clear views. Keep it below window height.

Bin security
Secure your bins to prevent them from being used as climbing aids.

Lock external gates
Make sure all external gates are fitted with locks and remain locked when not in use.

Lock doors and windows
Install locks on doors and windows. It's important to ensure all doors and windows are locked, even when you are home.

Identify visitors
It should be possible to see who is at the door before you open it. Installing a peep hole, security screen doors, or door chain creates a barrier. Do not allow strangers into your house without viewing their identification.

Alarm the house
Install a house alarm and have signage visible, advising visitors of the alarm. Ensure that the alarm is used.

Record valuables
Mark or sticker your property with your licence details and keep a record of valuables in the house.

Put tools away
Always put gardening equipment / tools away when they're not in use.

Lock sheds / garages
Always lock garden sheds and garages / carports. Be aware that it is common for a garage to have direct access to your house.

Prevent access
Ensure placement of additions and / or belongings does not create an easily climbable path to your roof.

Holiday safety
When absent from the house for extended periods of time, ask someone to maintain the house to keep a 'lived in' appearance. This could be collecting mail, maintaining gardens / lawn, open curtains, lights on / off within the house.