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Demolition means the complete or partial demolition of a building or structure by pre-planned and controlled methods or procedures. A licence is required to carry out demolition work.

Council approval requirements

Various approvals are required by the City and other agencies prior to carrying out any demolition works.

City of Wanneroo approvals

Step 1.  Development (planning) approval (occasionally required) 

Development (planning) Approval is required for demolition works where the building is:

  • Entered on the Heritage List contained within the City's District Planning Scheme 2.
  • Entered on the State Register of Places.
  • Subject to an order under Part 6 of the Heritage Act WA 1990. 

Development Application Form and checklist.

Speak with a Planning Officer on 9405 5000.

Step 2. Demolition permit (always required)

A demolition permit is required for all demolition works.  

If the demolition work is likely to encroach or adversely affect adjoining land, you will be required to notify and gain consent of the adjoining land owner(s) prior to demolition permit being granted and the work commencing.

Please note: A demolition permit cannot be issued until a Planning Approval has been granted (where required).

Apply Online

Guide to Lodging a Demolition Permit Application

BA05 - Application for Demolition Permit

BA20 - Notice and request for consent to work affecting other land encroachment or adversely affecting

Speak with a Building Surveyor on 9405 5000.

Step 3. Building permit (occasionally required)

A building permit may be required, together with a demolition permit, when part of a building is being demolished. 

BA01 - Application for Building Permit - Certified

Guide to Lodging a Certified Building Permit Application

Speak with a Building Surveyor on 9405 5000.

Step 4. Verge licence (occasionally required)

A verge licence is required if you are planning to store any building materials (including builders shed and port-a-loos) on the road verge.

Verge Licence Application

Speak with a Building Surveyor on 9405 5000.

Other required approvals

WorkSafe (sometimes required)

A WorkSafe approval is required for the following types of demolitions: 

  • commercial buildings
  • total or partial demolition of a structure/building that is 10m of more in height
  • Removal of more than 10m² of asbestos cement roofing from a building that is less than 10m in height

Further information can be obtained from WorkSafe WA on 1300 307 877 or via the WorkSafe website.  

Rodent Baiting (always required)

It is important that all buildings scheduled for demolition are baited for rodents. All rodent baiting is the be undertaken a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to application, by a licensed Pest Control Operator and a written report / receipt for the work must be provided to the City's Building Services before a Demolition Permit is issued. 

Septic tanks, soak wells / leach drains (required if applicable)

All septic tanks, soak wells and/or leach drains must be decommissioned prior to commencing and demolition works. After the system has been emptied, the applicant must submit a Certificate of Decommissioning to the City.

Asbestos removal (required if applicable)

Where a building is to be demolished and contains asbestos materials 'reasonable' measures must be taken to prevent asbestos fibres entering the atmosphere, as per the Health (Asbestos) Act 1992. 

Further information can be obtained from WorkSafe WA on 1300 307 877 or via the WorkSafe website.

Rubbish bins (always required) 

All City of Wanneroo rubbish bins need to be collected by the City of Wanneroo prior to demolition. To arrange please call 9405 5000.