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LAND DISPOSITION - Proposal to Lease portion of Lot 511 Ocean Keys Bvd, Clarkson

Community engagement has now closed. Comments were submitted from 04/07/2017 to 17/07/2017.


Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 3.58(3) of the Local Government Act 1995 that the City of Wanneroo proposes to dispose of the property as follows:
Lessee:                  L&C Perth Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Liao and Chen Family Trust
Property:                Portion of the Clarkson Library Complex at Lot 511, Ocean Keys Bvd, Clarkson (known as Tenancy 1) being an area of approximately 49m2
Term:                     Five (5) years on execution of the Lease with the option of one additional five (5) year term
Rental:                    $18,310 (plus GST) per annum inclusive of all outgoings except electricity. Annual CPI review to apply for initial Lease term. Market Rent Review to apply at the commencement of the option period if exercised by the lessee
Market  Valuation:  $18,310 (plus GST) per annum inclusive of all outgoings except electricity.
Written public submissions are invited on the proposed disposition and should be addressed to:
Chief Executive Officer
City of Wanneroo
Locked Bag 1
Wanneroo WA 6946
Comments close: 
4.30pm, Monday 17 July 2017