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The City of Wanneroo is home to an incredible diversity of animals, plants, wetlands, caves and coastline. With over 32 kms of coastline, 2671 hectares of parks and open spaces, 156 conservation reserves. 534 hectares of foreshore and a growing population of over 200,000 residents, expected to reach over 285,000 by 2031.

The City's Environment Policy and the Local Environment Strategy (LES) recognises the City's commitment to the environment and sets out the high level framework for all of the City's strategic environmental planning initiatives, including: 

These documents provide a balance between growth and the protection and enhancement of the natural and built environments.

Plants, animals and soil

Information on native species, waterwise program and soil types.

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Information on the wetlands network and how they are managed.

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Information on the management of the coast and foreshore.

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Information on programs and strategies to ensure the City is a healthy and sustainable environment.

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Information on the management of trees, requesting a tree and how we are increasing our canopy cover.

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Get involved

Learn how you can get involved with conservation and sustainability programs, events and activities.

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