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Environmental plans & assessments

Environmental Management Plan guidelines

The Guidelines have been prepared to provide greater certainty and consistency to external agencies, as well as City staff, by formalising minimum standards and assessment procedures for Environmental Management Plans (EMP). They will ensure a more streamlined approach to assessing and determining EMPs, which should also aid in reducing turn-around times.

The process for assessing an EMP is provided in the EMP Guidelines. It is expected that the turn-around time for an EMP requiring no changes or revisions will be approximately 30 days from the lodgement date.

Environmental Management Plan guidelines

As of 1 September 2021, the City of Wanneroo introduced new Land Development fees and charges (please refer to page 59 of Schedule of Fees and Charges 2021/22).  These new fees include assessment fees that cover the actual cost and expenses incurred by the City in:

  • Providing services
  • Commissioning or undertaking any review of documentation associated with development engineering and landscape matters including administrative services
  • Technical resources
  • Specialist advice and;
  • Consultation.  

All fees are charged in accordance with Section 6.15, 6.16 and 6.17 of the Local Government Act (WA) 1995 (as amended).  An invoice will be issued to the Company/Person designated in the Submission Form.

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Local Environmental Strategy 2019

The Strategy identifies six key themes to ensure all environmental elements are considered:

  • Flora and Fauna – biodiversity and native vegetation
  • Land and waste – contamination and management
  • Community – sense of place and liveability
  • Climate Change impacts
  • Air and Energy – including air quality and energy reduction
  • Water – including availability and quality

The Local Environmental Strategy presents a comprehensive strategic approach to the key environmental issues and opportunities found within the City of Wanneroo’s natural and built environment.
The Strategy sets out the high level framework for all of the City’s strategic environmental planning initiatives and promotes a balance between growth and the protection and enhancement of the natural and built environments.

Local Environmental Strategy 2019

Energy Reduction Plan 2017-2020

In Western Australia, the CSIRO predicts climate change to result in hotter days and nights; reduced rainfall in the southern region, but more intense rain periods; more extreme weather conditions such as long periods of drought and severe storms; more bushfires; and rising sea levels. It is expected that the City will be affected by these impacts. 

The Energy Reduction Plan provides an opportunity for the City of Wanneroo as an organisation to implement evidence-based cost-effective projects and innovations which lay the foundations for the City’s energy resilient future.  In addition to assisting in mitigating the impacts of Climate Change, energy reduction measures have the potential to realise significant cost reductions for both the City and its residents.
The City of Wanneroo is taking a lead role in climate change response by making reductions in energy usage and diversifying energy sources.  The City aspires to be an energy reduction and sustainability leader within the Australian Local Government sector.

Energy Reduction Plan 2017-2020

Local Biodiversity Plan

The Local Biodiversity Plan identifies priority areas for the protection and enhancement of biodiversity values around the City of Wanneroo. The Plan will be implemented through a comprehensive list of actions that aim to protect, maintain, and manage biodiversity values within the City.

Local Biodiversity Plan 2018/19 - 2023/24

Other plans

The Mindarie - Quinns Rocks Foreshore Management Plan guides management of the coastline between Quinns Beach North and North Mindarie Beach. The plan was adopted by Council in June 2004.

The Smart Growth Strategy is being developed to more effectively manage growth in the City of Wanneroo, in both new and existing suburbs. The strategy has six key principles, one of which is Long Term Health of the Environment.

The Koondoola Regional Bushland Management Plan guides management for conservation, recreation and heritage within Koondoola Regional Bushland.