Development Assessment Panel

Development Assessment Panel (DAP)

The State Government in 2011 created Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) to determine certain applications in place of previous decision makers, typically a Local Government Authority and/or the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC).  DAPs report directly to the Minister for Planning, acting as independent decision-making bodies.

Development applications that exceed certain dollar value thresholds have to be referred to a DAP for determination.  Applications are mandatory where the value of the proposed development exceeds $10 million. In addition, development proponents have the option of choosing to have a DAP, rather than the local Council, determine an application if the value of the proposal is between $2 and $10 million.

Each DAP is comprised of five members; three State Government-appointed Specialist Members and two Local Government Councillors. The City of Wanneroo, along with neighbouring Joondalup and Stirling Councils, is within what is called the Metropolitan North-West Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP).

Local Councils are required to assess DAP applications by preparing reports recommending to either approve or refuse an application, including any conditions to be imposed where approval is recommended. Ultimately, though, the DAP is the decision maker and is responsible for determining the application and imposing any conditions. Councils have no right of appeal against DAP decisions.

Changes to the Development Assessment Panel (DAP) System came into effect on 1 February, 2017.

The changes will ensure the system remains flexible, responsive and more clearly communicates DAP decisions to the public.

The amendments are detailed in Practice Note 11: DAP Amendment Regulations 2016

To find out more about the changes, please view the media statements by clicking on the WA Planning website below;

WA Planning website

Guidance Notes

Guidance Note: Lodging a DAP Application

Practice Notes

DAP Practice Note 1 – DAP Practice Note 11

Related Documents

DAP related documents

In addition to the Guidance Note: Lodging a DAP Application; the City of Wanneroo requires the Additional Supporting Information to be submitted with the DAP Application, if the information has not been provided, or is not satisfactory, the application will not be accepted. 

  • All Development Plans (one hardcopy and one electronic to be provided) ie. Site Plan, Floor Plan, Elevations, Signage;
  • Landscaping plans; detailing the minimum 8% landscaping and specifies list; 
  • Verge treatments.
  • Cover letter/report outlining proposal and justifying any variations;
  • Stormwater Information; including the location and number of soakwells, and the provision of stormwater calculations to demonstrate that onsite stormwater storage can accommodate 1 in 100 ARI, as per the City’s Development Design Specification WD5;
  • BAL assessment; a bushfire attack level (BAL) Assessment is required if the site is located in a Bushfire Prone Area and is not subject to a Bushfire Management Plan with a BAL Contour Map;
  • Acoustic Report; if the development is likely to impact on adjoining/nearby residential areas as a result of noise generated from the proposal; and If the development will be impacted by road or rail in accordance with SPP 5.4; and
  • Traffic assessment in accordance with WAPC’s Transport Assessment Guidelines (Volume 4, Appendix A).

A Transport Impact Statement (TIS) is required where a development will generate between 10 and 100 vehicle trips in the peak hour; and A Transport Impact Assessment (TIA) is required where a development will generate more than 100 vehicle trips in the peak hour. (Specifically including daily and peak traffic volumes)

Checklist for individual development transport impact statement

Checklist for individual development transport impact assessment

Current Development Assessment Panel applications

  • 67 Multiple Dwellings & 8 Commercial Tennancies
    Lot 4000 (205) Butler Boulevard, Butler
    Currently being assessed by Alice Harford
    Application deferred for a period of (6) six weeks from Meeting held on Wednesday, 19 July 2017
  • 52 Multiple Dwellings
    Lot 1294 (40) Portside Promenade, Alkimos
    Scheduled Meeting, 23 August 2017 - City of Wanneroo - 23 Dundebar Road, Wanneroo (Lechenaultia Meeting Room @ 3pm)
  • Extension to Nursing Home
    Lot 555 (1) Marangaroo Drive, Marangaroo
    Currently being assessed by Mitch Hoad
  • 13km Pipeline associated with Water Corporation's Groundwater
    Replenishment Scheme Stage 2 

    Various Lots in Wanneroo and Neerabup 
    Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) DAP Application
    City of Wanneroo contact - Mitch Hoad
    City of Joondalup contact - Alex Campbell
  • Seven Commercial Tenancies and car parking
    Lot 9627 (6) Hollosy Way, Ashby
    Currently being assessed by Bonnie Butler
  • Nursing Home
    Lot 1579 (14) Magellan Road, Alkimos
    Currently being assessed by Mitch Hoad
  • Retail/Showroom/Take-away Food Outlet and Market
    Lot 201 (1) Butler Boulevard, Butler
    Scheduled Meeting, 23 August 2017 - City of Wanneroo - 23 Dundebar Road, Wanneroo (Lechenaultia Meeting Room @ 3pm)
  • Minor Amendment to existing shopping centre car park (Shade Sails)
    Lot 2810 (150) Cambourne Parkway, Butler
    Currently being assessed by Coralie Claudio


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