Liquor Licence Section 40

Section 40 Liquor Licence Applications

Liquor Control Act 1988

The Liquor Control Act 1988 regulates the sale, supply and consumption of liquor, the use of premises on which liquor is sold and the services and facilities provided in conjunction with, or ancillary to the sale of liquor in order to minimise harm or ill-health caused to people, or any group of people due to the use of liquor.

What is a Section 40 Liquor Licence - Local Planning Authority

A Section 40 Liquor Licence is a  Certificate of Local Planning Authority required under the Liquor Control Act 1988, by the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor to state that the proposed use of the premises will comply with the requirements relating to planning. 

How do I submit for a Section 40 Liquor Licence Application?

An application for a Section 40 Certificate (Liquor Licensing Act 1988), is required to be completed detailing

  •  What type of Liquor Licence you are applying for;
  • Application Fee
  • Site Plan (to scale) clearly identitying the proposed Liquor area intended to use. 

Any previous Planning Approval that relates to the proposed Liquor Licence.

Further information relating to Liquor Licence's can be obtained from:
Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor
Phone (08) 9425 1888