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Structure Plans & Local Development Plans (LDP)

Structure Plans & Local Development Plans (LDPs)

Structure Plans & Local Development Plans (LDPs)

  • A Structure Plan is a document consisting of text and maps which identifies how land is intended to be developed or is being developed and provides a broad framework to guide Council when it considers subdivision and development proposals. In addition to illustrating details such as road configuration and the location of retail and community facilities such as shops, schools and public open space, a Structure Plan can also show details such as housing density, land use classifications and zones.
  • Local Development Plans (LDPs) - Previously Detailed Area Plans (DAPs) are planning tools used to provide better control measures than those under residential design codes (R-Codes) for matters relating to urban design and the overall look of the built area.  LDPs show the differences in urban settings such as streetscape, garage location, solar orientation, landscape, building height and topography.

Approved Structure Plans & Local Development Plans

  • Draft Structure Plans which have been considered by Council after advertising and referred to the Western Australian Planning Commission for final consideration can be viewed here.

Draft Structure Plans

Map of the City of Wanneroo showing the location of Structure Plans

Preparing & lodging a Structure Plan

Preparing & lodging a Structure Plan Amendment

Preparing & lodging a Local Development Plan application