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Fund Our Future is calling for the establishment of a national allocation of funding for key infrastructure projects, such as healthcare facilities, main roads and railways. More information


Tenders and contracts

Tenders under evaluation

Please find information below for current tenders under evaluation. Please note that these tenders are closed and are no longer available for request. Progress on tenders currently under evaluation cannot be disclosed. Therefore please do not request this information as refusal may offend.

06128 Design, Construct & Install Transportables at Yanchep Community Centre

List of Offers:

  • ATCO Structures & Logistics PL
  • Ausco Modular PL
  • Fleetwood PL
  • Instant Transportable Offices PL
  • Instant Waste Management
  • Linkforce Engineering
  • Westkey Investments

01629 Design & Construct New Building at Two Rocks Fire Station

List of Offers:

  • Diploma Construction WA PL
  • Fleetwood PL
  • Maintenance and Construction Services Australia

01611 Construction of Fishermans Hollow Toilet Block Refurbishment

List of Offers:

  • A Corp Construction Pty Ltd
  • Budo GroupPty Ltd
  • Connolly Building Company
  • CPD Group Pty Ltd
  • Geared Construction Pty Ltd
  • Hickey Constructions Pty Ltd
  • Palace Homes & Construction Pty Ltd
  • RE Asset Logistics Pty Ltd
  • Safeway Contracting Pty Ltd

01617 Development of Salitage Park, Pearsall

List of Offers:

  • Environmental Industries Pty Ltd
  • LD Total
  • Phase Three Landscape Construction
  • Retech Rubber

01621 Provision of Fire Services: Testing, Servicing, Maintenance and Training

List of Offers:

  • Burke Air
  • Capital Fire Services Pty Ltd
  • Chubb Fire & Security Pty Ltd
  • Critical Fire Protection & Training Pty Ltd
  • Essential Fire Services Pty Ltd
  • Grama Bazita Service and Maintenance
  • Protection Engineering
  • Protector Fire Services
  • The Full Works Fire Safety
  • Wormald Fire
  • ARA Fire Protection Service Pty Ltd
  • Fire Shield Services Pty Ltd
  • E Fire and Safety

01624 Provision of Concept Design and Design Development Services - Butler North

List of Offers:

  • Bollig Design Group
  • Lycopodium
  • Donovan Payne Architects
  • AECOM Australia Pty Ltd
  • Armstrong Parkin Pty Ltd
  • Gresley ABAS Architects
  • Donaldson & Warn Pty Ltd
  • W&G Engineers (WA) Pty Ltd
  • GHD Pty Ltd
  • Jones Coulter Young Pty Ltd
  • Emerge Associates
  • Christou Design Group Pty Ltd

01608 Provision of Underground Service Location Services

List of Offers:

  • Land Surveys No Problems Just Solutions Pty Ltd
  • TerraVac Pty Ltd
  • WH Locatgion Services Pty Ltd
  • Find Wise Cable Locations Pty Ltd

01619 Supply & Delivery of Thermoplastic Drainage Chambers, Parts and Fabric

List of offers:

  • Sentry Holdings T/A TunnelWell
  • Geofabrics Australasia Pty Ltd
  • ADS Pipe

01614 - Provision of Architectural Consultancy Services

List of offers:

  • Slavin Architects
  • Site Architecture Studio
  • Holton Connor
  • Hart Architects
  • gresley Abas Architects
  • Donaldson Warn Architects
  • DMG Construction
  • Chindarsi Architects
  • Broderick Architects
  • Bex Design
  • Donovan Payne Architects
  • Lycopodium Infrastructure Pty Ltd
  • Bollig Design

01607 Sand Supply and Delivery for Beach Re-Nourishment

List of Offers:

  • Aglime of Australia
  • Carramar Resource Industries