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Building certification services

The City of Wanneroo now offers a range of certifications services relating to building approvals. This means that anyone wishing to obtain approval of building plans for proposed and existing works can take advantage of the services the City offers. In addition to building approvals, the City can also undertake inspections and issue certificates for the purpose of obtaining occupancy or strata of a building.

The services currently being offered are:

  • Certificates of Design Compliance (CDC)
  • Certificates of Construction Compliance (CCC)
  • Certificate of Building Compliance (CBC)
  • Preliminary assessments
  • Fast Tracking of Building Applications and Occupancy Permits
  • Professional Consultancy relating to the Building Code of Australia (BCA)

These services are available for any projects throughout Western Australia.

For more information and to download an application form/checklist click below.

Building certification services information sheet

Certificate of Compliance application form

Certificate of Building Compliance checklist

Certificate of Construction Compliance checklist

Certificate of Design Compliance checklist