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Busking and street entertainment

Busking on private property

Any individual or business who wants to commence busking on private property (e.g. shopping centre) does not require a trading licence but will need to obtain permission to busk from the owner of the property. 

Busking on City of Wanneroo property

Any individual or business who wants to commence busking to the public on City property will be required to obtain a trading licence. Should the busking be taking place at a City held event, then a trading licence will not be required but permission must be obtained from the event organiser.

How do I apply for a busking licence?

You will need to complete an Application for Trading Licence, which will be assessed by our Health Services team. To accompany your application, you will require:

  • Copy of current public liability insurance in a sum not less than $10 million
  • Payment of relevant application fees

Our online form is the best way to apply for your licence. Simply click the link below to get started.

Online Application for Trading Licence form

Alternatively, you can lodge your application in person at the City's Civic Centre on Dundebar Road, Wanneroo.

Top tip: To speed up the process and ensure that the City has sufficient time to process your application, please lodge your application promptly and provide all relevant application forms, fees and supporting documentation at time of lodgement. Our online form is the quickest way to get your application to us.


What are the fees?

  • Busking application fee (includes 1 day of trading) - $20
  • Additional trading days - $5 per day
  • Busking licence fee (annual fee) - $50 per year
  • Weekend and public holiday busking licence fee (annual fee) - $30 per year


How do I renew my busking licence?

If you choose one of the annual fee options, we will send you a renewal notice when your licence is due to expire.