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Madeley - Revised Traffic Management Scheme – Sovrano Avenue to Hartman Drive, Kingsway Road

Community engagement has now closed. Comments were submitted from 22/05/2017 to 19/06/2017.


A revised traffic management scheme proposal for Kingsway (road) between Sovrano Avenue and Hartman Drive has been completed and the City and is now inviting residents to provide their comments and advise their level of support by completing the Survey.

In January 2016, residents were consulted regarding a traffic management scheme proposal along Kingsway between Wanneroo Road and Ashdale Boulevard (Stage 3) to address issues relating to pedestrian & cyclist safety, traffic speed, traffic volume, congestion and hoon behaviour. The results of the consultation were reported to Council in May 2016.  Due to the size of the project, Council agreed to have Stage 3 split into 3 sections being;

- Section A - Wanneroo Road to Sovrano Avenue;
- Section B - Sovrano Avenue to Hartman Drive; and
- Section C - Hartman Drive to Ashdale Boulevard

Section A and C, were supported for construction and have been added to the City’s Capital works Program for construction in 2017/2018. Due to significant costs regarding the undergrounding of power in section B, the scheme for this section was required to be revised. Subsequently, a revised traffic management scheme has been developed for this section and the City is now undertaking consultation so that the revised proposal can be re-considered by Council.

Submissions close Monday 19th June 2017.

Key Dates

  • City Drawing - Kingsway (road), Madeley Revised Traffic Management Scheme – Stage 3 Section B Sovrano Avenue to Hartman Drive
  • An A1 size copy of plan will also be made available for viewing in the Main Entry to the Kingsway Indoor Stadium. The Plan will be available for viewing for the full consultation period (Monday 22 May 2017 – Monday 19 June 2017).
  • Date: 22/05/2017
  • Location: Kingsway Indoor Stadium

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