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Draft Transport Strategy 2019/20

Community engagement has now closed. Comments were submitted from 02/07/2019 to 13/08/2019.


At the Ordinary Meeting on 4 June 2019, Council authorised community consultation and public advertising of the City of Wanneroo’s draft Transport Strategy 2019/20.

The draft Strategy has been developed to meet the community’s aspirations for a sustainable transport future outlined through the City’s 2017/18 to 2026/27 Strategic Community Plan.  It is a long-term, high-level document that outlines eight broad principles to achieve the goal of ‘Creating a balanced and sustainable transport future’.

The eight guiding principles are as follows:

  • Place-based land use and transport planning - aligning land use, development and transport in communities;
  • Pedestrian-first environments - establishing urban environments that prioritise pedestrians;
  • Prioritised cycle network - establishing a cycle network that is fast, direct and as safe as possible;
  • Convenient public transport - improving the convenience of public transport to make it a competitive option;
  • Effective freight network - alleviating road capacity to prioritise the efficient movement of freight;
  • Well-connected employment precincts - developing precincts that are connected by a range of transport options;
  • Travel behaviour change - encouraging a change of mindset about using a range of transport options; and
  • Embracing technological change - embracing new technologies to provide innovate alternatives to private cars.

Once the draft Strategy is finalised, its eight principles will be progressed in the future through a more detailed Transport Plan. This Plan will outline key actions and measures to implement the Strategy.

Feedback invited

Your feedback is sought in relation to the principles proposed in the draft Strategy and the ‘Focus areas’ to inform a future Transport Plan. Feedback will be incorporated in the draft Strategy where appropriate and relevant.

Comments on the draft Strategy can be made in writing and addressed as “the draft Transport Strategy” and lodged prior to the close of business on 13 August.  Submissions can be made as follows:

  • In Person:  City of Wanneroo Administration Centre, 23 Dundebar Road, Wanneroo
  • By Mail:  City of Wanneroo, Locked Bag 1 Wanneroo WA 6946
  • By E-Mail: enquiries@wanneroo.wa.gov.au

Should you wish to make an enquiry regarding the draft Strategy please email Mike Parora or call him.