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Two Rocks - Proposed Beach Access and Car Park

Community engagement has now closed. Comments were submitted from 13/08/2019 to 03/09/2019.


Council, at its Ordinary Meeting of 30 July 2019, resolved to construct a new beach access and car park off Two Rocks Road in southern Two Rocks. Council’s decision to construct the access is in response to the anticipated demand due to future development in this area. Two Rocks residents have also expressed a strong interest for an access in southern Two Rocks.

The City engaged the services of qualified landscape architects and coastal engineering consultants to undertake a beach access feasibility study. As part of this study, the following three locations in the attached concept plan were considered:

  • Recommended Location A (red dotted line)
  • Location B
  • The developer’s proposed Location.

Each location was weighted based on its potential impact on the environment and community benefit that it offered. Location A was considered to be the preferred location for the access on the basis that: 

  • it provides the shortest route from Two Rocks Road through Crown land to the beach which will lessen the potential for environmental disturbances and the need for vegetation clearing; 
  • it is considered to be the safest and most suitable option of the options proposed from  a traffic safety perspective;
  • the road alignment in this location is considered to be the least undulating and presents fewer impacts on existing dunes;
  • it requires minimal stormwater management; and
  • it is the lowest cost option and presents the best outcome for the community and the lowest risk of the options proposed.

The City will now undertake the relevant studies and design work to obtain the approvals required to construct the beach access. This is a lengthy process and will include, but will not be limited to:

  • A Spring Survey - to determine the location of any priority flora or fauna in and around the location for the proposed access.
  • A Fire Level Assessment – to determine and address safety considerations in relation to potential fire hazards on the site.
  • An Indigenous Heritage Assessment – to determine the presence of any indigenous heritage values on the site.
  • A Coastal Aquatic Risk Assessment of the site which will consider beach safety.
  • A Detailed Design – to consider and respond to the site geotechnical information, traffic implications and coastal hazards and risks.
  • A Foreshore Management Plan - which considers the foreshore reserve and proposes measures to protect and enhance it.
  • A Clearing Permit – to obtain authorisation to clear the area for the access and car park.

Following completion of these works it is proposed that construction will occur.

The City welcomes your questions or comments in relation to the proposal for the beach access and car park.