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Butler - Expressions of interest, Commercial Pedalo/Watercraft Hire Business in Brampton Park

Community engagement has now closed. Comments were submitted from 15/12/2015 to 18/01/2016.


Brampton Park - Expressions of interest: Proposed Commercial Pedalo/Watercraft Hire Business

Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 3.58(3) of the Local Government Act 1995 that the City of Wanneroo (City) seeks Expressions of Interest (EOI) from parties interested in establishing and operating a commercial pedalo/watercraft hire business at its sole cost for the purpose of recreational boating activities on the artificial irrigation lakes of Crown Reserve 47695, Lot 14648 (29), Kingsbridge Boulevard, Butler (Brampton Park). 

The terms of the lease will be negotiable but would be for a minimum of 5 years inclusive of options, subject to Council approval and the consent of the Minister for Lands. It is proposed that the City will enter into private treaty negotiations with the preferred applicant.

Interested parties are required to address the following points within their EOI submission:

  • recent relevant experience in operating a business of a similar nature or another commercial business;
  • site plan identifying specific areas of use;
  • required period of lease tenure;
  • demonstrate the ability to supply, construct and maintain the necessary equipment and materials on-land and in the artificial lake;
  •  storage/security of pedalo/watercraft and associated infrastructure when not in operation;
  •  proposed development works that will be required to be undertaken to establish the business and the proposed timeframe for completion of such works;
  •  ability to make good at the expiration of the lease;
  •  detail how the business will not damage the artificial lakes lining, pumps, floating aerators, electrical installations and any other associated infrastructure (consider the use of water pontoons/moorings and protection barriers for pre-existing infrastructure on the artificial irrigation lake);
  • provision of a business plan (including all relevant business details);
  • provision of a risk management plan (accepting all risk associated with the business);
  • detail intended trading days and times including associated staffing structure and Curriculum Vitae; and
  •  provision of safety equipment, first aid and the supervision of patrons.

Further considerations that will require to be addressed by interested parties in the EOI submission include the ability to:

  •  effect adequate public liability insurance (minimum $20 million) and any other required insurances;
  • provide a statement of assets and liabilities;
  •  service a commercial market rental as determined by a licensed valuer and meets the cost of the land valuation;
  • supply a security bond or bank guarantee;
  •  meet the cost of the drafting of the lease;
  •  meet the cost of any required site survey undertaken by a licensed surveyor;
  •  submit any required signage applications to the City and meet the associated costs; and
  • submit the relevant development and building applications to the City and meet the associated cost.

The Expression of Interest is to be forwarded to:

Chief Executive Officer
City of Wanneroo
Locked Bag 1
Wanneroo WA 6946

The Expression of Interest closes

4.30pm, Monday 18 January 2016